Richmond star Dustin Martin’s dad locked out of China by new law

???Dustin Martin’s father will be unable to see his son play finals footy, or possibly win a Brownlow medal, after a new law was pushed through that would prevent Shane Martin from returning to .
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Immigration Minister Peter Dutton had an amendment passed to the Migration Act to stop the Richmond star’s father, and up to 20 other people, whose visas have been cancelled, from re-entering .

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the government was “proud” of its decision to cancel Mr Martin’s, who he said posed a threat to .

Mr Turnbull made no apologies while speaking to radio station 3AW on Thursday.

Dustin Martin and his father Shane.

“His [Dustin Martin’s] father has had his visa cancelled because of his criminal record and association with outlaw motorcycle gangs,” Mr Turnbull said.

“People who are outlaw motorcycle gang members, who are criminals or threats to national security cannot stay in the country”.

When asked if Mr Martin posed a threat to the safety of the country, Mr Turnbull replied “of course”.

The new laws were passed on Monday, in anticipation of a High Court decision.

The High Court found on Wednesday that Mr Dutton had been wrong to kick out two men accused of being Rebels bikies, AJ Graham and Mehaka Lee Te Puia.

The High Court ruled 6-1 in the men’sfavour and ordered the government to pay their legal costs.

The men were extradited from based on secret information from police and intelligence services.

Governor-General Peter Cosgrove signed off on an amendment on Tuesday, just hours before the High Court ruling, to ensure any other decisions on visa cancellations by Mr Dutton under Section 503A of the Migration Act would stand.

Mr Dutton’s office said Mr Martin’s visa was cancelled for the safety of the n community because of his criminal record and association with outlaw motorcycle gangs.

“He [Shane Martin] should have thought about the consequences of his actions on his family and the victims of crimes at the time of his offending. This amendment ensures that people who are outlaw motorcycle gang members, organised criminals and threats to national security cannot stay in ,” a statement from Mr Dutton’s office said.

Mr Dutton strengthened his resolve while talking to radio station Triple M on Thursday morning.

“He’s not coming back, no,” he said of Mr Martin.

“I feel for the Martin family in the circumstances but I’ve got to take into consideration not only those people that have been victims of crimes committed by outlaw motorcycle gang members and those associated with them but also the future impact, that is we want to try and reduce crime.”

Mr Dutton said among the 20 people whose visas has been cancelled were “some pretty nasty characters”.

“If they’re going to harm ns I don’t understand how they can expect to stay here on their visas.”

The AFL star and his father last week opened up about their bond in separate interviews on the Nine Network’s The Footy Show.

Mr Martin has previously denied being involved in criminal activity.

He also revealed his desire to come back to to watch the Brownlow where Dustin is a favourite to win, or to see him play in an AFL football final.

Dustin’s family said last week that they were hopeful the High Court decision on Wednesday would allow Shane Martin to return to as early as next week.

Mr Martin has previously said he would take his fight to return to the High Court if necessary and said the weight of Dustin’s decision on his football future with the Tigers had taken its toll on the family.

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